Dec. 22nd, 2011

toothycat: (sunkitten)
Aah, I was supposed to keep this going! Oh well, better late than never :)

A selection of good things:
- The optician didn't do the puffy air ;) My left eye has improved, so I now have new lenses. All good, I think.
- The church family Christmas service went off with just one minor projection hitch which I think only I (and the other participants in the play) noticed. Woo ^^
- All Christmas presents made/bought and wrapped, and all given to their recipients except for the ones we're seeing after Christmas. Much more relaxing :)
- I wrote a silly Christmas poem for the Interzone Advent Calendar ^^
- I've started Patchwork Sky again (now that I'm done with the Advent Calendar) - so nice to get back to dip pens and ink ^^ Poor neglected story.
- Lift sharing is going well :)
- Saw my parents' new house last weekend. It's rather nice.
- The tree is here! Our living room is pine-scented *^^*

Things to do:
- One more day of work. I've saved up all my analysis for it, so I think I'm done with experiments for this year ;)
- More comicking! I will have to get back to A Pocketful of Clouds some time soon, I only have up to the New Year in my backlog ^^;
- Get the kindle conversion working! Agh, tone moire patterns are ugly :( I'm hoping it won't show too badly on the kindle screen...

Annoying things:
- ... nope, can't think of anything. Except possibly the kindle moire issue. Why do I bother with tone? I hate doing it and it won't resize ¬.¬

Given how seldom I post, I expect this is the best time to say Happy Christmas! I might manage one before the New Year, but in case I don't, have an excellent New Year as well :D

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