Jul. 30th, 2012


Jul. 30th, 2012 09:21 pm
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Well, I fell a bit behind with updating this! Never mind. What's happened since I last posted? Oh, the BBQ was the last post - well, that was great despite the weather. We got two cheap gazebos and laughed at the clouds. Thanks to everyone who came down, we had an awesome time and we hope you did too ^^

Hmm, that was posted at the end of May. We haven't been on holiday and won't before September, although we are booked into Congenial - looking forward to that ^^ We did visit my sister in Leiden for the weekend (overnight ferries are fun), and went up a windmill and had a BBQ with her housegroup, who are all generally lovely people. That was good.

I have also discovered something interesting which I honestly never knew about myself. Until recently, I got the bus to work, which meant a twenty minute walk in the evening - not very strenuous, usually done while reading, that sort of thing. Plus, my job is not sedentary; I move around quite a lot when doing lab work. Well, the bus has been cancelled (thanks Stagecoach) and there's no way for me to get in early enough (for my own preference, I'm not being forced to be in early!) unless I drive. So, I've been driving. And it's coincided with a period of mainly computer-based work. I honestly didn't realise I had a minimum activity level, but I totally hit it last week. Tae Kwon-do tonight felt really good, and I'm very relieved that a) I will be back in the lab for the rest of the week and b) next week I get an awesome new bike and can cycle to the train station to get to work, at least for the rest of the summer. I really don't like feeling stiff and bunged up >.<

Finally, I am about to eat my dinner while reading. I love being grown up :D

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