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So, since my last post we have:

* Been to Finland
* Come home again
* Got a cat

Finland was awesome! The place we stayed at was the same place we went to for our honeymoon, and it hasn't changed apart from becoming busier, which is probably a good thing. We went cross-country skiing, rode in a husky sled, drove a snowmobile and chased the Aurora in reindeer sleighs (Serge got the best pictures when the guide stopped the car on the way there, as it happens, but it was a good, if deeply weird experience to trundle slowly through the freezing snowy forest under a deep starry sky in almost complete silence).

Coming home again - well, it's not that bad ;) But there's not much to say about it. I spent the past week reading Neal Stephenson's Reamde, which I thoroughly enjoyed but it was rather a change from Anathem! Plus it was huge - I'm quite glad to be able to move on and not lug an enormous tome around all day ;)

Our cat is currently wandering around the house looking confused and meowing. We drove through snowdrifts to pick her up today (from just north of King's Lynn), having been to meet her before we went to Finland but not wanting to actually adopt her until we'd come back. She is a Norwegian Forest cat, a small, long-haired 4-year-old with tawny tabby and white markings and pale green eyes. Her name is Autumn. Hopefully she'll settle down soon and get used to us.

And that's it for now ^^
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