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.. which is when I last posted, what has happened?

The thing that's biggest in my mind is the finishing of Patchwork Sky 5, which also completes that volume and which I've been working on since, oh, November or something. Honestly, 40-page chapters were a mistake! But I'm glad it's done. Here's to the next one XD
On the comic front, here's something else I did on the theme of 'Truth' (no biggie, then!). I make no apologies for my biases ;) I like stories.
Continuing the comic theme, I've been working on the book of the first year of A Pocketful of Clouds, and wondering how on earth I'm supposed to deal with a landscape cover. I didn't think about that when planning the layout! Plus I'm running out of backlog and need to make some more...
On the non-comic front - of which there is quite a lot, contrary to appearances - I'm getting through my to-read pile at quite a good rate despite New Scientist's attempts to distract me on a weekly basis.
Oh, and I went to Minami, which was excellent fun. We didn't have a dealer's table this time, because there weren't enough of us, and it was really quite fun to have a more relaxed and free time of it (although I did miss the table too). I learned to make taiyaki (and gyoza and katsu kare), and managed not to miss the sake tasting session. And there was some anime, although less new stuff than last year.
The following week I made my own taiyaki - thanks to Carol, who gave us a taiyaki pan, and my parents who have a gas hob. They liked them *^^* We were actually down for the Watercress Line Steam Gala, and spent a very enjoyable afternoon watching steam trains puff about. There will be photos, oh yes.

In the next few days...
I will be at S-con with Sonia Leong this Sunday, which should be fun ^^
I badly need to plan some more of A Pocketful of Clouds.
I will be taking the cat to the vet again, this time for her booster injections and next week she will finally be allowed out. I can't wait!
I need to make a christening cake, although before then I think I need a trip to the supermarket. I don't normally stock enough dried fruit for a 1 foot square fruit cake, never mind the second tier ^^;;

I'm sure there's lots more I could say but that'll do fine for now :)
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