Apr. 28th, 2012 12:49 am
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Just doing a quick post while the cakes cool :)

What has been happening?
1) Tiny cute books arrived! Watch this space ;)
2) Just saw Avengers Assemble and it was awesome. Favourite moment - the Hulk just after Loki's speech about being a god. Really good fun :D
3) Taking a breather after finishing aforementioned tiny books (a week or so ago now) and catching up on the webcomic backlog, and then I get to start on fun new comics :D
4) I acquired a random plant in need of a home. I don't know what it is but it's doing much better now. It's living in a pot in the kitchen next to the basil I bought from Tesco's which I think needs repotting 'cause it's growing very enthusiastically. I'd like to put them both outside, but it's hard to work out if a plant can take that when I don't know its name ^^;
5) Cat has still not learned how to use the catflap, but she's improving. She can now cope with pushing it open when it's only slightly propped (with the aid of a clothes peg). Honestly ¬.¬

Things I'm looking forward to:
1) Josie's christening. Although I have yet finish decorating the cake for it. Seriously, it weighs a ton! I don't remember Jadzia's being so heavy ^^;;
2) Putting my little books online :D
3) Cambridge Union Golden Festival, Camcon and Expo. May's going to be fun :)
4) Starting a new story *^^*
5) The cat learning how to use the catflap. I live in hope.
6) Batman, Prometheus and Brave (thank you Vue for some decent trailers!).

Right now, time to rescue cakes and sleep ^^

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