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For the people who may have been puzzled about why the police couldn't protect the Rothamstead crops from the threatened 'decontamination' by Take the Flour Back today, they actually did. Result: protests were peacefully aired and no crucial scientific experiments were damaged, which as far as I can see is ideal :)

It would be remiss of me to post and not mention Expo. I had a good time, and was absolutely delighted to see people picking up A Pocketful of Clouds for a random browse and then buying it. It helps that it's my cheapest GN and cute ;) It was also great to see lots of small-pressers again - Expo has turned into a bit of a regular reunion :) The comic village was amazing - three times the size of the one last year, and so many amazing comics! As usual I bought way too many to list - I shall attempt to review them all in one line (like I tried to do last time), but it might take a while for me to get round to it. Worst fail of the weekend: our hotel's lack of air conditioning and what appeared to be perfectly reflective beds (they warmed up quickly when we lay on them, and proceeded to roast us all night). There's not much that stops me sleeping though, so I didn't suffer too badly ^^
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