Mar. 3rd, 2012

toothycat: (sunkitten)
... nothing much, actually (this is why I don't post very much!)

Autumn would actually disagree with that statement since over the past two weeks she has been in heat (and extremely vocal about it), acquired a boyfriend (big black cat who has been stalking the house) and been spayed. She is now much quieter and possibly still a bit confused. Next week she'll be vaccinated after the post-op checkup, and then, all being well, she'll get to go outside :D

Everyone at my work was away last week - there were just a few of us left knocking about the place. I was on my own in the office for vast swathes of the time. This resulted in a) me feeling a bit lonely and b) me talking out loud to myself, the computer, and my projects. I'm rather glad people are back! o.O;;

Oh yes, and I finally optimised my tablet recipe, yum yum! It will be appearing shortly (probably here ;) ). Tablet is delicious :9

Next week's looking fun, lots of seeing cool people and I am actually, finally, nearing the end of the drawing and inking of Patchwork Sky 5 (not the toning, still got 3/4 of that to do!). But after that I get to make a book of A Pocketful of Clouds, and after that I get to play with my new story. I love the phase of storytelling when the whole thing's mushing around in your head acquiring characters and plot and so on, it's so much fun! It'll become limited as soon as I start the actual planning, of course (and that's important to the process too), but right now everything is possible and I'm just enjoying the feel of it ^^

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