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More Japan photos on Flickr...
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Good bits:
- Just got back from an amazing holiday in Japan with Carol; many fun times were had. Highlights of the trip include Nikko and its beautiful red-leaf-covered mountains, a ryokan with hot springs and yummy food, and cat cafes of all kinds. More photos will come, no doubt ;)
- I was really pleased that my most recent comic, Sun Fish Moon Fish, got a good review at Anime Picks *^^* Thanks very much to Neil who wrote the review.
- My Advent Calendar is running again (only just managed to get it done in time!)

Things to do:
- Finish the Advent Calendar! I left it a bit late... ^^;;
- One short story to write, one long one to edit.
- I really want to do another chapter of Patchwork Sky - #5 would finish off the story arc and I might even manage to get a book out next year ;)
- Along the same lines, I need to find a printer who'll do A6 landscape colour at an affordable price so I can print the first year of A Pocketful of Clouds.
- Mr. toothycat made a really good suggestion for some cards based on A Pocketful of Clouds which I'd really like to do.
- I want to get back to the Dutch translations of A Pocketful of Clouds which my friend has kindly been providing. I'm really behind :(
- Work out how to get comics in Kindle format on Amazon. It's not that it's difficult, I just haven't had the time *grrr*
- Lay out a flyer design for the cafe at my church, which I've been horribly forgetful about.

Worrying faff:
- It's December! Where did November go? I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet!
- The DVLA seem to think they need another photo for my driving licence. I hate going into town on Saturdays, but I suppose it'll fit in nicely with the need to go Christmas shopping.
- I probably ought to make an optician's appointment - it's been two years since my last and they're offering me one for £10. But that means they're going to puff air in my eyes, which is always really painful ¬.¬

Let's see if I can manage to keep updating this - anything more frequent than once a year is an improvement, really ;)
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A selection of curious sights from Japan. (Pretty things will be going up on Flickr in a couple of days).

Email down

Sep. 12th, 2011 06:47 pm
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Serge and I will be out of email contact until BT deign to fix our connection. If you need us, post here or on the wiki.

Three days to fix a line problem really doesn't seem like much of a service nowadays...
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"'Cake or death?' If Chicken offered, death may win due to split cake vote."

[Poll #1734594]
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This is a post made by request, as a summary of the anime we saw and enjoyed at Minami this year. The whole con was a good one, in fact, especially the cooking and Akemi Solloway's lesson on the history of Japan. I was, however, particularly pleased to find several anime I hadn't seen before and rather enjoyed :) I did also find some that weren't so good but I can't remember any of them except D-Gray Man. That was a shame since it had promise but failed to deliver.

Anyway, on to the good ones, which I shall put under a cut for the people on here who aren't interested ^^

Read on )


Feb. 11th, 2011 06:05 pm
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Soooo... we have a new shiny pleasing happy-making wooden floor, which is very nice.

We got it from a company called Barham & Sons, who are not.

Cut for tedious saga of fail. )

TLDR: They suck at measuring, and at communicating, and when they do communicate they lie. I need to trust contractors less, and give them fewer chances, so I retain enough energy to finish what I start.

Would not trade again.
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Serge's computer is off. There is something very unsettling about the lack of low-level fan noise in the living room right now o.O;;
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Weaponizer, the site where Kink Walker is being published as a webcomic, got an online article in the Edinburgh section of the Guardian. They've added a panel from the comic as well as mentioning it as one of the recent highlights XD
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Yesterday, Morag took me to see some owls *^^*
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Yep, a rambly post about lots of mostly unrelated things.

To start at the end, my dad sent me this Youtube video of a Hallelujah chorus flash mob in a random shopping centre. I think it's fantastic and I wish I'd been involved :)

On the subject of singing, as a reminder - I'm singing at the 6pm Carol Service at my church (Eden Chapel) this Sunday. All are welcome and I'm sure there will be mince pies. There are usually mince pies everywhere now it's December ^^;;

And because it's December, I've started my Advent Calendar. I'm afraid it's not flickering flames like last year's, but hopefully it will still entertain :)

And talking of art, my new webcomic is due to start in January ^^ Ambient Rhythm is just about to finish its three year run, so I'm having a little break over Christmas. The first strip of A Pocketful of Clouds will go up on 4th January, so watch this space. It will be cute and there will be cats, although I am aiming to keep the only-the-cats strips to about one in ten. I'll see how long that lasts...
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I'll be singing in my church choir again this Christmas :) Sadly I'm away for one of the carol services - the only one I can make is the evening of the 5th December. If anyone fancies coming, let me know or just turn up, whatever ^^
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(from [ profile] robhu)

Go here, and start reading at the paragraph beginning "For the past 20 weeks I have been engaged in a very strange dialogue"...

Conspiracy theories are starting to propagate around the net. Personally I believe the Lord is having an elaborate joke.
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